Pioneers of Organic Cocoa from Ghana

Yayra Glover LTD represents the beauty of sustainable economics. Based on consciousness of global partnership and human growth, our Competence Centre of Excellence at Organic Hills, Suhum, Ghana, leads in developing innovative business strategies in agriculture. We work to improve the potential of our planet and better individual quality of life.

Ghana in West Africa, has long played an important role in the cocoa trade. Our country is the second world producer of cocoa behind Ivory Coast which exports more than Ghana. Yayra Glover LTD is a licensed organic cocoa producer and exporter. It is a purpose-driven social enterprise that seeks to improve the livelihood and quality of life of our recruited and trained cocoa farmers. Our innovative, scalable business model prioritizes social, economic, and environmental impact in our rural cocoa communities.

Our Journey

Founded in 2007, the company pioneered the production of organic cocoa in Ghana. Today we remain passionate about improving the lives of our cocoa farmers and their families. We are currently partnering over 5,000registered organic cocoa farmers. We provide best agricultural training required by international standards and help farmers to obtain certification in organic and Fair Trade chemical-residue-free cocoa.

Our latest initiative is a cross-sector strategic partnership between Yayra Glover Foods and Beverages LTD and Fairafric. Under the partnership, Yayra Glover Foods and Beverages LTD would process cocoa beans into liquor and butter for Fairafric to produce chocolate in Ghana.

Currently, Fairafric is constructing a 16,000-metric-tonne chocolate factory in our agro processing zone at Amanase near Suhum in Ghana. The symbiotic relationship between us and Fairafric provides leverage for us to influence the global cocoa market. Our products would be sold to health-conscious chocolate consumers who desire sustainably grown and ethically sourced premium organic cocoa for chocolate.

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Our Product Advantages

  • Clean Organic Cocoa
  • Market Impact
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Unique Warehousing Services
  • Clear Communication
  • Farmer Benefits & Social Programs
Corporate Philosophy

We uphold high ethical standards, protection of the environment, dedication to excel in our operations and an aspiration to exceed our customers’ expectation. For us, the most challenging issues are conservation of the environment and sustainable production of cocoa without use of child labour. The health and economic wellbeing of our farmers is supreme as we train theme to appreciate farming as a business venture.

Our Mission

  • Provide farmers with leadership skills and support to produce high quality cocoa beans
  • Build capacity to make farmers resilient in cocoa production.
  • Respond to market demands and challenges to replace ageing cocoa plantations.
  • Guide farmers to accept and practice internationally recognized standards for high quality cocoa production without the use of dangerous agro chemicals.
  • Use GPS-equipped devices to survey, map cocoa farms and establish yield estimate.
Our Vision

  • Facilitating strong and vibrant smallholder FBOs in cocoa growing regions of Ghana as conduit for education and behavioral change for farmers to accept and practice internationally accepted safety standards for the production of chemical-residue-free cocoa
  • Building capacity of peasant cocoa farmers in premium organic and Social Impact cocoa production
  • Paying high premium to recruited farmers for producing organic chemical-residue-free cocoa
  • Training our organic farmers to adopt good farm management practices to facilitate increased production and high premium for their produce