About Yayra Glover Ltd.

Yayra Glover Limited was founded in 2007 with a staff of only 2 people as a private business entity. It is the pioneer licensed organic cocoa producing and buying company operating in Ghana. The orientation, incentives, training and technical supervision of farmers has evolved toward a wider social development oriented approach that includes not only learning about important issues like organic foods, pesticides, and sustainable agriculture, but also the means to effect positive change in their own lives. Thus our business is also to contribute towards operational small scale social research activities that could be ploughed back into improving the lives of farmers and their families generally. It is in this respect that students from tertiary institutions have been encouraged to explore research opportunities in programme communities, collect and process data to make viable recommendations that are systematically implemented at the local level for improving the well being of these farming communities.
We have indeed grown by leaps and bounds ever since our first up-county warehouses were opened

Up Country Warehouses

Our up country ware houses offer our farmers the opportunity to access a wide variety of information on local, regional, national, and international issues of concern.

Designated Areas of Operation

Yayra Glover Limited operates in the Eastern and Volta Regions of Ghana enabling smallholder cocoa farmers build the technical capacity to improve the quality of their beans to fit international standards for obtaining organic, fair trade and chemical-residue-free UTZ certification (show the map depicting area of operation)

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