Yayra Glover Circular Agro Industrial Eco Park & Rural Transformation Centre

Yayra Glover LTD (YGL), through its private initiative, has established a Circular Agro Industrial Eco Park, the Yayra Glover Circular Agro Industrial Eco Park and Rural Transformation Centre, to support agricultural growth as it builds on the country’s rich agricultural endowment potential.

Agriculture is the bedrock of the country’s economic advancement and a game-changer for our industrial development. The country has a good climate, plenty of arable lands, adequate rainfall, and abundant labour that makes a good case for commercial agriculture.

Growth in sustainable agriculture is about four times more effective in reducing poverty levels than in other sectors and there is a proof that demonstrates that agro-industrialization is a potential ‘silver bullet’ that could catalyze the achievement of all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN).

We strive to achieve our goal to create sustainable income, employment, wealth, inclusivity of farmers, and sustainable agriculture.

Opening Up the Agro-Industrial Frontier

Having considered the aforetasted facts, YGL embarked on a private initiative and established the Circular Agro Industrial Eco Park to further open up the agro-industrial frontiers of the country.

Mr. Yayrator Glover, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Yayra Glover LTD is the brain behind the ambitious multi-million-dollar project which is located on a 50-acres land at Amanase, near Suhum in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

YGL initiated the project to attract foreign and local companies to establish agro-processing factories at the Circular Agro Industrial Eco Park to revitalize agriculture, create jobs, and to impact the lives of Ghanaians. There are opportunities for allied sector service companies, both local and foreign, who will be allocated plots to establish businesses to support resident companies.

The European agro-industrial revolution, which started in 1876, is to be replicated in Ghana, and that will lead us to self-sustenance in terms of viable commercial agriculture and improved livelihoods.

Economies of Scale
We believe that an agro-industrial park approach to sustainable development is another way to guarantee massive recruitment of people and massive production of agricultural raw materials and processing them into finished products for the domestic and foreign markets. YGL’s Integrated Agro-Industrial Park is designed to accommodate a geographical cluster of interrelated agro-processing companies grouped to enjoy economies of scale by sharing infrastructure, bulk purchasing, processing, and selling to the local and foreign markets. A resident business, Fairafric of Germany, which produces chocolate mainly from YGL organic cocoa beans, is building a chocolate processing factory at the park. The construction of the factory is near completion, and some international and local companies are also taking advantage of the conducive environment at the park and are negotiating with YGL to acquire plots to set up businesses.
Unique Features
  • Smallholder and industrial farms sustainably feed factories with raw materials
  • Proximity of the park to farms
  • Effective use of agricultural machinery to train farmers
  • Service centres for a successful agro-industrialization
  • Availability of stable power for the entire agricultural park
  • Proximity to Accra along a first-class highway, the N6 Highway, which links Kumasi and Accra to the port city of Tema and Takoradi, which makes the park simple and compatible
  • Meticulously designed to international standards to promote a Work-Life-Play concept with proximity and linkages to agricultural production areas to high product quality
  • Well-planned general infrastructure including road, water supply, power supply distribution, wastewater management, solid waste management, and telecommunication facilities
  • Provision for residential areas, school, kindergarten, creche, bank, post office, playground, retail space, and a state-of-the-art medical facility for the benefit of the parks’ population and the visiting public.
  • Flexible and modular planning allows for various configurations to comply with specific requirements of individual businesses
  • Open plots based on analysis of individual sector potentials and preferences
Conducive Business Environment
  • The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre’s (GIPC) attractive investment policy suits diverse interest
  • Range of the government’s generous incentives facilitate the smooth operation of resident businesses
  • Rural Transformation Centre sustainably feed industries with agricultural raw materials from catchment areas
Unique Location
  • Conveniently located in an agricultural belt
  • Accessible for steady and sustained supply of diverse agricultural raw materials
  • Availability of a large-scale supply of skilled and non-skilled labour in the localities
  • Capitalizes on the existing social and commercial infrastructure of the nearby major towns
New Vista in Agricultural Value Chain
  • Specialized infrastructure is planned including a training centre, incubation centre, a research and development centre, and a warehouse to address the requirements of targeted sectors.
  • Our industrial park is therefore a proclamation of a new vista in the agricultural value chain that will unfold agro-industrialization in Ghana. This will simultaneously unlock the socio-economic benefits of food security, jobs, and income opportunities along the entire agro-value chain.
  • The World Bank Group aims to help Ghana sustain its economic growth, and maintain its middle-income status. For us, that to a greater extent depends on the performance of the agricultural sector.
  • Maintaining the right partnership throughout the process of establishing an agro-industrial park is the key to our emancipation and economic development.
Role of Smallholder Farmers
  • Smallholder farmers are the main actors and producers of agricultural produce. Our agro-industrial park is based mainly on the mandate of the inclusivity of smallholder farmers and sustainability.
  • The park is essentially designed and depends on the smallholder producers who grow the raw materials for factories located at the park, be they national or multinationals. There is, however, room to accommodate the activities of large-scale farmers.
Business Opportunities for Investors

There are opportunities for local and foreign companies who want to locate at the park and engage in agro-processing activities that include the following:

  • Production
  • Opportunities for Marketing and Distribution Sectors
  • Opportunities for Technological and Support Services Sectors
  • Opportunities for Agro-Production Sector
  • Production of improved seeds
  • Production of organic agrochemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides
  • Production and processing of cocoa
  • Production and processing fruits
  • Production and processing of spices
  • Production and processing of essential oils
  • Food processing
  • Production and processing of cash crops
  • Production and Processing of horticultural crops
  • Breeding of livestock for the national, regional, and European Union (E.U) markets
  • Production of veterinary drugs and vaccines for animals
  • Production of feed and feed ingredients for the livestock sector
  • Fish breeding and processing
Opportunities for Marketing and Distribution Sectors
  • Companies to provide post-production services (transport, packaging, storage facilities, and cold vans)
  • Distribution of improved seeds, planting materials and agrochemicals
  • Distribution of veterinary drugs and vaccines, feed and feed ingredients
  • Marketing processed foods in international markets including the EU, Asia, and ECOWAS markets
Opportunities for Technological and Support Services Sectors
  • Provision and servicing of tractors, planters, and harvesters
  • Laboratory services and provision of field and laboratory equipment for quality assurance
  • Companies to produce and install cold chain equipment
  • Supply of machinery to establish hatcheries for day-old chicks
  • Processing machine manufacturers to supply agro-processing and packaging equipment and plants
  • Suppliers and financiers of factory building technology
  • Manufacturers of fishing nets, ropes, netting materials, outboard motors, and other fishing inputs to fishers
  • Development of aquaculture production facility (cage and earthen pond
  • Producers of fish feed
  • Assembling of agricultural tools, machinery, and allied services
  • Technological and consulting services
  • Research and agriculture development services
  • Inspection and grading services (according to international standards) to make the deliveries acceptable in international markets
  • Companies to provide capacity building on standards, training and certification services