In March 2020 during the COVID -19 lockdown in Ghana, we embarked on another mission to contribute to the solution of a perennial challenge of the Cocoa Industry which is basically farmers not being engaged in business all year round resulting in financial challenges and lack of sustainability. Our Beyond Cocoa Strategy was born at this point to address this specific challenge. 

The Yayra Glover Foods and Beverages Limited has since been registered and our cocoa farmers have been engaged in growing other food crops to feed our newly built (80% complete) food processing factory as an alternative livelihood opportunity during the off-season of Cocoa which spans 8 months of every year.

This is also our way of securing a sustainable supply of ethically sourced organic cocoa beans from our farmers. With the assurance of an alternative livelihood during the off-season, our farmers are encouraged to stick with us and produce more Cocoa.

Our Beyond Cocoa Strategy also seeks to close the value chain by 2023. This means that by the said time, YGL seeks to establish the only Organic Primary Processing Factory in the subregion to process a good chunk of our beans into Nibs, Liquor, Butter, and Powder for onward processing by the chocolate, cosmetic, and confectionery industries in the sub-region and beyond.