Production and Export of Organic Cocoa

Our organic agricultural system is structured to economically empower our cocoa farmers to become resilient and protect the environment. Our business model prioritizes social, economic, and environmental impact in our rural cocoa communities

  • We organize smallholder farmers into cooperatives and train them to produce organic cocoa
  • We produce and supply high grade chemical-residue-free organic cocoa to the highest segment of the cocoa value chain
  • We offer Market-Oriented Agricultural Advisory Services (MOAAS) to meet the high organic standards set by international regulators
  • We provide all-year-round extension work for our certified organic cocoa farmers, leading to certification of the organic cocoa farms of our farmer cooperative clusters

Supply and Distribution of Certified Organic Inputs

Organic principles do not allow the use of unapproved agro-chemicals.

  • We source and supply the European Union (EU) and Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG) certified organic inputs such as organic fertilizers and organic insecticides to farmers
  • We monitor the sharing of organic inputs to ensure that farmers are supplied genuine organic products
  • We educate farmers on the recommended use and application of organic inputs

Organic Food Ingredients

The use of organic ingredients sourced from certified farmers is the key demand from organic food processors.

Our Competent Centre of Excellence at Amanase near Suhum is developing a variety of organic food ingredients and essential oils for use in the confectionary and cosmetic industries.

  • We develop organic planting materials
  • We train smallholder organic farmers to produce selected organic Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) according to EU-prescribed organic standards
  • We process organic NTFPs into high grade food ingredients and processed food for export

Social Services

We uphold the contributions of the smallholder cocoa farmer as an important component in the cocoa value chain.

  • We Initiate social intervention programs to improve the quality of life of economically deprived farmers in our organic cocoa communities
  • We provide health education services for farmers and their families on the best hygiene practices and women’s health to keep farmers healthy.

Transportation & Warehousing

At Yayra Glover LTD, we understand the importance of having a business partner who can do more than supply a product.

  • Our Warehouses have the ability to store products for those customers who operate on a Just-In-Time basis
  • Our fleet of well-equipped trucks, provide full logistics support to those in the cocoa sector and any business enterprise.
  • We take the worry out of shipping products, and therefore help our customers to focus on their core competencies.

Added Services

In order for our customers to make the most informed procurement decisions, they must have accurate and timely information about available product volumes, beans grade and quality. We at Yayra Glover LTD are proud to invite and hold discussions with our valued customers.