The Yayra Glover Foundation

The Yayra Glover Foundation (YGF) was established as a branch of Yayra Glover LTD (YGL) and registered at the Registrar General as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to provide services relating to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of YGL, the cocoa purchasing division of the company.YGF’s outreach programs are formulated to improve the quality of life of economically deprived farmers in our designated cocoa-growing communities in the Eastern, Western, and Volta Regions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we integrated our social and environmental goals into our operations by adopting a symbiotic approach to help control costs, improve our brand, attract top-quality talents and facilitate long-term financial success, which for us, runs on a win-win strategy that benefits the company, as well as our farmers and their communities.

At Yayra Glover LTD, we are committed to using sustainable agricultural programs that respect the environment to bring development to underprivileged people in our designated farming communities, improve the quality of life of cocoa farmers as well as to provide basic social amenities to make a better life for farmers to see agriculture as an attractive business venture.

Our business model is based on market mechanism within the legal, ethical, and social framework to attain the mission reflected by our vision, and a high consideration for the ecology in all aspects of our operations.

To effectively implement our corporate social responsibility, YGF focuses on philanthropy, conservation of the environment, good labor practices, eradication of child labour, and volunteerism.

We are working with people in our project areas to strengthen civil society, promote consensus in decision making, and create sustainable alternative livelihood programs to achieve remarkable socio-economic impact on farmers’ lives in our project areas.

We have over 5,000 certified cocoa farmers that were enrolled to produce organic cocoa. The protection of the ecosystem is at the heart of our business operations, and this is a core area where YGF provides social services. Our organic farming program respects the environment and is designed to conserve biodiversity and ensures that farmers produce cocoa sustainably without damaging the ecosystem.

Main Activities

  • Provide farmers with leadership skills and support to produce high quality cocoa beans
  • Educating farmers and their families on the best hygiene practices and women’s health to keep farmers healthy.
  • Plans to establish a cooperative bank to provide cheap loans to farmers to expand their operations.
  • Support social programs and projects in cocoa-growing communities through donations.
  • Plans to establish a vocational school to train vulnerable girls and single-mothers in dressmaking, catering, and other vocations to give women economic empowerment.
  • Plans to establish Kindergarten for children of poor parents and single mothers and upgrade the school to language school where pupils would be thought German and French from Primary to High School with an education program that will be at par with the European system.
  • Envisage establishing a kindergarten at our Competence Centre of Excellence for the children of single mothers and vulnerable women.
  • Initiating programs to help create a sustainable livelihood for our out-growers through training of farmers to cultivate crops off-season, such as non-traditional crops including native fruits, spices, and exotic plants as raw materials, at our Rural Transformation Centres, to feed factories located at Yayra Glover Circular Agro Industrial Eco Park and Transformation Centre.
  • Educate farmers on sustainable harvesting of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) and value addition in our Circular Agro Industrial Eco Park